The Seattle Design Festival is the region’s largest public design event that, every September, brings together experts, city leaders, and citizens to celebrate and explore the ways design improves the quality of our lives. The Seattle Design Festival is presented by Design in Public  and AIA Seattle , in collaboration with more than thirty partner organizations.

Design in Health

This year’s Festival theme–Design in Health–explored the connection between environmental design and our physical, mental and social well-being. Design influences our health through the places we live, the way we move, the things we eat and the decisions we make. Design can improve health by promoting physical activity, increasing access to healthy food, reducing injuries, improving air and water quality, minimizing stress, and strengthening the social fabric of communities.

Seattle Design Festival

From September 13 to 22, participants explored more than 60, citywide Festival programs such as films, lectures, exhibitions, home tours, walking tours, activities, pop-up parklets and more. The hub of the Festival was at the ‘Design Block’ at Occidental Avenue South in Pioneer Square featuring large scale installations, design competitions, activities, and demonstrations investigating design’s impact on active lifestyles and healthy communities.

Festival Sponsors 

Corporate sponsorship are an important source of support for the Seattle Design Festival. Sponsorship provided companies broad exposure to an educated, design-interested audience and positioned them as an innovator with a commitment to good design. 

If you are interested in becoming a corporate sponsor for the 2014 Design Festival, please fill out the following form: Sponsor Commitment form

Questions? Please email sponsor@designinpublic.org